who we are

Who We Are

Welcome to Acurax Consultancy, a subsidiary of Acurax International, which has years of tradition into various business fields like Software Development...

who we are

What We Do

Acurax Consultancy provides a full-range of marketing services that starts with the development of a strategic marketing plan, which charts the course for...

who we are

Why Us

We focus on satisfaction of our customers and believe in promoting a true team approach by building strong and long-lasting relationships...

Shortly About Us

For many businesses, marketing seems a jumble of important questions without readily available answers:

  • What are the best marketing tactics for my business?
  • How do we know we're targeting the right customers?
  • How effective is our sales message in motivating customers to buy?
  • Is our sale message reaching customers in a cost effective way-or are we just wasting our money?

Acurax Consultancy will give you the right answers to these questions-and ensure you achieve the right results... Read More